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What's good TOO?


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Licking Co. Ohio

One of our neighbors decided to put a stand right on our property line. His property is nothing but a pasture with a few trees bordering our line. The electric line fence is about 8' in front of stand. He trimmed one side of his tree and can only shoot onto our tree farm. (Some pretty blatant bullshit).
There is now a sign 20' in front of his stand that smells like Old Spice and reads as follows....Think he'll get the hint?
Kind of bittersweet Thanksgiving. This could be interpreted differently and perhaps be in the dump thread, but I'm thankful for Thanksgiving this year because my sister was able to come up to visit everyone there at my step-mom's. Well, she got sick, real sick. Actually she had been sick for some time and hadn't done anything about it since she has no health insurance. She got in town the Saturday before Thanksgiving and was run down, legs swollen from the drive up from Georgia. She looked terrible but was assured it was just because of the drive. Allen and I came home that Sunday and when we returned Wednesday for Thanksgiving she looked about the same, perhaps worse. She seemed to be getting a cold, or at least had developed a bad cough. The swelling hadn't gone down and we all were concerned. By Friday we finally talked her into going in to get something for her cold or whatever was going on. The walk in clinic said her blood pressure was too elevated for them to treat her so off to the ER they went. Soon they were frantic with checking her because of how high her BP was and eventually they did a CT scan which showed 4 places of severe pneumonia, a large mass of fluid on the outside of her right lung and fluid around her heart. She was then transferred to Fairfield in Lancaster Friday evening where they then found the right side of her heart was working at 30-35%. They were able to drain the fluid from around her right lung, have her on all kinds of other meds and now have her BP under control. Still retaining fluid in her legs but she is starting to feel a bit better.

What is good about all of this is the fact that if we hadn't planned to all meet for Thanksgiving and she had stayed at home to nurse herself as she had been she likely would have had a major heart attack by next week. So, to continue the good I am asking TOO for their prayers. Check on your loved one's and if they don't look good don't be afraid to talk to them about getting checked out.
Quick update on my sister is they released her last night around 6 pm. Kinda odd how late they did that but hey she is on the mend. My step-mom picked her up and she's back at her house for the time being. Now it's just trying to figure out how to get her back home as they don't want her driving that long distance by herself yet. My cousin down that way has already volunteered to take her down and catch a bus or train back so will see how that goes. Now she is thinking she needs to be closer to family with all that has happened so my guess is she will end up an Ohio resident before I will. From what the cardiologist said after her heart scan on Tuesday was that he didn't see any abnormalities or blockages around her heart. He felt that it was all due to the viral infection they found as well as the pneumonia. He said with antibiotics and keeping after it she should be able to recover well, hopefully a full recovery with no real damage to her heart for a 51 year old. Will just take time though. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for her everyone!!