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What's in your cup?


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In a bar

Probably landed about 60% V-8 to 40% mix. 4 ounces vodka on top of that in the cup.


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North Central Ohio
What is the reason behind this dry February?

Just something I decided I needed to do. It's been 22yrs straight (18yrs and 2 months of age when I went to college) & I love the taste of beer. I've never gone a month without a drink and the longer that thought and feeling lingered the more it scared me and I wanted to kill that monster. It hasn't been easy and I am very thankful that Mike jumped on board too! There's been great support and laughs had as we enter the final stretch of this challenge.....8 more days Mikey🍻

- I sleep much better and feel better energy wise (driving my wife nuts)
- More energy is fueling harder and longer workouts.
- Workout recovery is much faster
- Multiple times I have caught myself not having to make driving plans with my wife or others when doing something. I was happy to be the driver.

- I'm thirsty for the taste of good beer all the time.
- Projects/hard labor are not near as fun without cold beers.
- No big weight loss like I expected, but I am making up most of those empty calories with better macros to help fuel workouts.
- I don't have the enthusiasm to do something with other people when they are drinking and I can't join in. There is a special bond with family and friends throwing cold ones back, no matter what you're doing lol.
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