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What's in your cup?


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North Central Ohio
Its a beautiful sunny Sunday, first 4H mtg., busted out the baseball mitts, and getting shit done outside while boys play on the trampoline. Day 27, I crack this cold one and rejoice in that not so fun journey. Great to say again, cheers gents🍻!


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Nw oh
Mike getting an early start! :D

9.5 % alcohol on this Bells big hearted Ipa. I give it a 8/10.

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This is like a dui in one can. I got the bells variety 12pk today feeling good after tasting the 4 types. All good beer. I couldnt say anything bad about any of them but the light one was 6.8 percent chang of heart ipa and stood out as lacking compared to the others. Gonna be a good day of grilling tomorrow. These michigan brews are hard to beat.
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