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What's in your cup?


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My spin on a margarita. Bottle was cracked at 1P with a little help from the wife and uncle-in-law. Gonna sleep good tonight!



You know what!!!
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SW Ohio
Brought out some nostalgia for tonight’s game. Missed the Purdue win cuz had something come up but I’m ready to tip a few of these for the second game with chicken tenders and fries on the side.
Damon’s was one of the best rib joints around having about 21-22 locations in Ohio and one in Myrtle Beach. Hated seeing them close but me and some coworkers would hit the Damon’s on 42/275 after work to watch games and guzzle pitchers of beer via these tall glasses. Glad I still have a glass to fill this time of year……CHEERS🍺


They had an onion ring loaf that was great as an appetizer but their tender ribs and sweet bbq sauce was dope…👍🏻😎
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Wife bought some Blackberry Bird Dog. I was like "where did this come from?" She bought it today because she hasn't been able to find blackberry Crown. Guy at the liquor store said to try it. Cheaper. Higher proof. Just as good..she mixed it with a blackberry seltzer. I wasn't a fan. Tried it later on ice. Pretty good. I had a double. Figured I'd try a double of one if my whiskeys in the fridge. I don't do it often. It was kind of nice to sip a little while watching some dirt track racing.


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Salesville ohio
Drinking whistlepig farm stock as we speak. Boys hold on tight. Might be another dominos delivery or fight Dustin and John r night! JUST KIDDING. At my baby shower and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned TOO. I just wanna rant about how helpful y'all have been and how thankful I am to have met some of you and share your wisdom with me. Thank yall for all the knowledge and comrodere over the years and I look forward to every new post that gets created! Yall have a great eeekend.
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