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What's your choice of handgun for close range coyote hunting?

10mm or 45 acp will put the Mack down on a coyote farther than you're likely to be able to get a good hit on them personally I carry a 1911 modified for 45 super but that's only to increase penetration on larger animals. Either will do so whatever you like best I squirrel hunt with my 45 also cast or fmj doesn't do much damage. I also have a T/C Contender with a 357 maximum barrel but that's not close range anymore lol
What for sale? The 45 super is really only some springs and a different firing pin retainer for the 1911 with a hotter load in a slightly stronger case mine still functions with mild cast 45 acp loads but it'll push a 230 grain bullet 1100 fps and as far as the 357 maximum mine was a 10 inch octagon we rechambered to Max it's a handful with that little barrel. If you want to know more about either message me on here dad also just built a 45 raptor on a mauser action. It's pretty much a rimless 460 s&w uses same bullets and load data but can be used in a standard length 308 or 30-06 bolt action was getting 2600 fps with 230 grain bullets and was still 8 grains below Max and shooting about 1 inch groups at 100 yards. We've built a lot of guns to the point we tinker with odd ball stuff.