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Where's everyone hunting this weekend?


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Southeast Ohio
I still haven't decided where I'm gonna be this weekend. Don't know if I wanna hunt an oak flat or water, or a field edge or what. I know Monday morning I will be sitting in Jumanji hoping to catch a buck sneaking through the CRP to eat an acorn or two and then bed down. So lets hear it, what's your setup gonna be for the weekend?


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Saturday morning I will be sleeping in...I'll be hunting behind the office Saturday evening.


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North Central Ohio
I will be on a travel route on the edge of 2 fields one is corn and the other is beans. This edge also has plenty of acorns dropping as well :D. Kind of a hat trick where my stand is currently. As soon as the beans come down though I will probably have to move that stand to another location :(.


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I need to check the forecast again. Last I checked it called for a north wind. If this is the case, I am thinking noon on Saturday I will be sneaking into a nice funnel location on Farm West. If the hunter on the neighboring property is hunting, he should have Saturday off and will be in the stand NE of me. This should push the deer closer to the SW stand I am going to setup. Hopefully they exit out the other end of the woods in my direction in the evening trying to avoid him. They have been showing up in the evenings by his stand at last light. I am counting on him making noise and buggering them up on his way in in the morning. This might rattle them enough to exit "stage west". lol Do you hunt the deer, or do you hunt the other hunters? Guess it depends on the other hunters and their stand close to the bedding areas in this case.


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I'll be in a funnel, hunting over a bush hogged lane and observing 2 picked fields. I have been seeing deer like crazy in picked fields during the evening.

I didn't draw that deer in there, Im pretty sure it was just coincidence the plane or helocopter got a picture of him.
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Maumee, OH
I think I am just going to follow Swantucky around this weekend! It seems to work out for everyone fishing on the river, why would it be any different for hunting deer. :smiley_chinrub:


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I'll be hunting a thicket full of apples in the morning which is also bedding area. In the evening I'll be hunting over food plots.


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Massillon, Ohio
I am going in the afternoon cause my wife is working. I am going to be in nice bottom coming off of a ridge that is about 60 yds off my pile of corn and food plot. The food plot didnt grow as much as what I thought. But Dale and I dumped a bout 250-300 lbs of corn cobs so hopefully they will be headed to it.

hopefully ill get a look at something coming off the top ridges past he pond to get to the creek or the fields. Who knows, itsa new spot and noone has hunted it so maybe it will be the spot I have been looking for.


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Taking a concealed carry class Saturday AM then be up bright and early Sunday hunting in Athens(Strouds Run) on a white oak flat that leads to the bedding area. Saw 9 does work that several times while scouting. Good luck y'all


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Swanton, Ohio
QUOTE=Kujo;7628]I think I am just going to follow Swantucky around this weekend! It seems to work out for everyone fishing on the river, why would it be any different for hunting deer. :smiley_chinrub:[/QUOTE]

Wait till the second weekend.......I don't think I will be hunting at all Saturday, hopefully I'll get out Sunday afternoon. If it stays dry I think I am going to be sitting in my waterhole blind.

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