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Worst Turkey season


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I dont know about the rest of you, but this has been one of the worst Turkey season I have ever seen. I dont think I can remember a spring as wet as this one, birds are just not where they have been over the last 4 or 5 years and the ones that are there just are not responding like they have in the past. I think I am going looking for some new ground tomorrow. The wife told me tonight I am having a hard time cus I killed off all the dumb birds already. I always get one the first week and have to go get another tag and always fill that one. This year I got both tags before season and looks like I may have trouble filling one. Maybe it will dry out in a week or so and get better ( one can hope. LOL). Back at it in the morning.


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I feel your frustration man. I sat in the rain till noon three days in the rain cussing birds that had disappeared. Then on Friday Alex called. BANG 6:45 am.

Keep at it man. It only takes a moment, just has to be the right one, and you have to be there for it.


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Gods Country
Look at it this way fry. If you didn't have any bad seasons then you wouldn't know what a good one was like. :smiley_depressive:


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South East Ohio
It ain't over yet, their's still better then 2 1/2 weeks left. It will get better cause it cant get any worse. Im not seeing or hearing the jakes that everyone else is seeing and most of the toms Ive heard are not very vocal. Good luck and like Jackalope said, "It only takes a moment, just has to be the right one, and you have to be there for it. "


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I've only been out a couple times so far, but the longbeards I saw the other day were henned up pretty bad. Four jakes had death-wishes and ran into the dekes, but we let them go. Looks like the weather is going to break this weekend so it should be a good couple of days to get out there.


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This year isnt going great, but it could be worse in my opinion. I think the weather is really affecting them, the first week was all rain and cold it seemed like. between that and being henned up they just wouldnt talk. Hopefully the hunting will pick up here soon.


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NW Ohio Tundra
I agree with you....even though I was lucky enough to fill both tags, the bird sightings were only about 1/4 what they normally are and the turkeys were not in their usual places. Just driving around the country side the turkey sitings have been next to none. I really would like to blame this on the weather and nothing else, but the past few spring seasons have been really wet ones and the last 2 winters have been real tough....... something tells me that bird numbers are down a bit in at least the northern areas of the state.