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youth season success


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I took my sister out this morning after having no luck yesterday. We were running a little late so it was breaking light when we got to our spot. As soon as we stepped out of the truck one gobbled just up the hill. Shortly after it sounded like 4 or 5 more hammered. So we quickly made our way about a quarter way up the hill and got set up. There was gobbling everywhere. After about 10 min some hens started calling. One after another they flew down. We saw atleast 7 fly down. The hens walked right to the gobblers and they made their way up the hill away from us. We waited a few min and then snuck up to the last place we saw them about 3 quarter way up the hill and I called. They gobbled about 80 yards away or so just over the hill. We called back and forth to each other for about an hour. There were some big rocks in between us so we decided to try and get to them, we crawled on our stomachs about 35 yards to the rock and layed down on one. I could see a strutter with a few hens but they were working down the hill away from us. I cut a few times and some more answered just out of range. 3 jakes made their way to us. She picked out the biggest and the rest is history! She got her first turkey!!! It had a 5 inch beard and weighed around 15 lbs. It was a great morning Im sure I'll never forget.



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Hell of a deal buddy.... Way to get it done... If the birds don't work for you. Work for the birds..