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  1. Curran

    Youth Compounds?

    Anybody have any suggestions on a good youth compound bow? Feedback from experienced Parents is always way more trustworthy than the marketing you read online & see on TV. What's been your experience in shopping & selecting youth compounds? My son is 8 1/2 and has really been showing a lot of...
  2. cotty16

    Kody connected on a youth Tom

    Kody, my 12 year old, is becoming quite the seasoned veteran. He began his quest for his second turkey of his young career this morning and took advantage of the youth season to get it done. My dad (Old Scout) and I set the tent up yesterday evening out behind my house in a woodline...
  3. Ohiosam

    FOR SALE 2 870 Youth 20 gauges

    My 4H club has a couple of 870 Youth model 20 gauge shotguns they are parting with. The guns are 21" vent rib barrels, they come with a modified RemChoke tube and 3 inch chambers. Wood stocks but I can't remember if they are walnut or something else. Both are in excellent condition. $300.00...
  4. G

    Trade youth hunts

    I am looking to see if anyone would like to take there youths on a pheasant hunt I will provide dogs and guide in exchange for a youth deer hunt archery or gun. Live in NW Ohio. Thanks !:smiley_clap::smiley_clap::smiley_clap:
  5. bthompson1004

    Youth Turkey hunt

    Can't wait for tomorrow morning... Last year the oldest stepson (Cam) wanted to bag a bird for his birthday...unfortunately he didn't get the tom he wanted but he did see him within shooting range and that was enough for Cam to want to hit the turkey woods again, with a vengeance TOO! The...
  6. camofry

    Youth numbers for this year

    COLUMBUS, OH- Young hunters across Ohio enjoyed success during the eighth annual Youth Deer-Gun Season, held Saturday and Sunday, November 19-20, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife. Hunters aged 17 and under, harvested 8,681 deer during the...
  7. bowhunter1023

    Youth Season has went to the dogs...

    Here is a little bit of what I saw/heard this weekend... Within the first hour of daylight on Saturday, I had heard 3 "kids" empty guns at deer. How many kids are capable of emptying a gun efficiently at a deer? I witnessed at least 4-5 truck loads of "kids" setting up to do drives with no...
  8. Ohiobowhunter1

    Youth hunter scores!

    I had decided last year when I bought my son a Rossi 22/.410 combo that if he was ready I would take him deer hunting this season. When I came home from my 10 day rut trip I took him and the .410 out to do some shooting. I was excited after shooting slugs through that little .410 as he was...
  9. moundhill

    Every Youth Season

    Every youth seaosn i think back to my first deer i've ever takrn. My dad, my brother and i headed out to a ground blind on my grandma's land. I was using a 4.10 single shot, which i still have and my brother was packing a 20 gauge. My dad said "you watch this window, you watch this window. And...
  10. Schu72

    Youth BBD

    The early buck from yesterday is down! More to come.
  11. Big H

    Youth this weekend?

    Anyone else taking any kids out? I will be taking two of my daughters with me to our cabin. My 15 year old has been hunting with me the last two weekends with a crossbow. She killed her first buck at age 12. I am hoping to get my 12 year old her first this weekend.
  12. Schu72

    Excited for youth weekend

    I’m looking forward to this weekend. My oldest son and I will be headed to southern Ohio for two days of gun hunting. I haven’t decided exactly what location we will be hunting yet. He seems a little concerned about being up in a tree stand, so we may be in a ground blind or box blind. He...
  13. B

    Public land for youth hunt question

    New to the site but long time "lurker". I want to bring my son on the youth gun hunt coming up in Nov. What are the best public areas in the Southeast part of the state? And the areas with the least amount of pressure during this hunt? He has shot a few does but has never seen a buck while we...
  14. Johnch

    Youth duck opening morning

    I took my nephew out this AM to the club , as we had a youth hunt 4 Youth this AM , 6 Sunday AM and then a pheasant hunt after the AM hunt Pic's to follow , as they are supposed to email me the pic's The blind we hunted Is great to hunt , but it has 2' of water and 2' of muck under...
  15. R

    WTB Youth Model .410

    Looking for a youth model .410. Let me know what you've got!
  16. JPN

    youth season success

    I took my sister out this morning after having no luck yesterday. We were running a little late so it was breaking light when we got to our spot. As soon as we stepped out of the truck one gobbled just up the hill. Shortly after it sounded like 4 or 5 more hammered. So we quickly made our way...
  17. Ohiosam

    Killdeer Plains Youth Hunt

    One of the boys in my 4-H club got this buck over the weekend at Killdeer. I guess he passed on several smaller bucks during the day.