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  1. Bigslam51

    Killshot camera mount

    I really want to film myself harvesting a deer this year and I don't have the cash to buy a fancy camera arm. This thing replaces the stab and it holds a video camera on a platform. I tested it the other day and my only complaint is that it makes my bow heavy as hell up front. Have you guys ever...
  2. bowhunter1023

    1023's Camera Thread

    If you are looking for horn porn, best move on 'cause I ain't got none! :smiley_blackeye: However I do have a few pics worth looking at and I hope to have some much better ones in the coming weeks now that I actually have some cams out! How about this beard!?! :smiley_clap: Not much...
  3. huntn2

    huntn2 - 2013 Spypoint Trail Camera Pics/Videos

    Well, I only have 1 camera out so far this year and finally changed out the card for the 1st time today. Had some great videos. Have 2 bucks that are shooters in my book. One is a 10pt and 1 is a 9pt. Then I had the up and commer bucks and regular doe groups on video. One of my favorites...

    John's camera pics

    This guy has been showing up on a regular bases for the last two years now. This year he has the privilege of going on the hit list. It took me some time to link him back to old pictures, but after getting out the old computer, I had realized who he was. Without a name he was going to need one...
  5. M

    Spypoint IR C camera

    I ran across a Spypoint IR C camera in a auction. Do any of you guys use that model? I see it's not listed on the Spypoint site anymore. Value for it in the box?
  6. A

    Camera Survey/ Orginization

    How do you all store pictures after you look at them? Last year I kept all unique bucks in one folder so I could keep track of how many different bucks I had on camera in one year. I have done it by year, etc. What do you all do, Im sure my way is not nearly the best
  7. Boone

    My first fawns on camera

    Check out how small these two are! Sorry for the bad photo from my computer monitor.
  8. Monster Raxx

    Who Would Like To Win A FREE Trail Camera

    Ok it is time I get the fourth annual Monster Raxx trail camera contest going this year. It will run from now through December. I will pick a monthly winner for June to December, they will receive 2 bags of Monster Raxx Trophy Minerals and a bottle of our attractant. Then I will pic my 2...
  9. Ridge Runner

    Camera mount for bow

    Not sure if i'm posting in the right spot. If not please move it. I picked up a Go Pro this spring and was wondering if anyone knows how to mount it to a bow? If so what seems to be the preferred to mount it.
  10. Monster Raxx

    I have never gotten these on camera before

    I decided to try and mess around and get some pelican pics :) I used a DLC Covert Extreme TLV from a couple of years ago on a Stic N Pic.
  11. Monster Raxx

    Waterfowl Camera

    Set up this DLC Covert MP6 Black on a Stic N Pic screw in tree holder a couple weeks ago to catch wood duck pics.
  12. T

    Caught a fawn - On camera

    This was a first for me. We went out and shot today and came upon a fawn that was hunkered down on the side of the trail. I got video but the damn phone wont let me upload it anywhere because the file is to big :( I did get some stills though :) This little guy had some lungs on him...
  13. TripleA88

    TripleA88's trail camera thread

    Never had much luck nor tried very hard to get velvet buck pics but heres my first. Most of the bucks I have got pictures of at this property the past 3 years got the radiation poisoning. Theres a buck standing behind him with a solid right side and a fork on the left. I got another cam hung...
  14. Monster Raxx

    New Camera

    Just ordered a DLC Covert Special Opps trail camera. I can not wait to get it in the woods. This camera emails pics to your phone and computer :)
  15. hickslawns

    CAUGHT! Moundhill and Diablo on my trail camera

    I don't know why, but when viewing these pictures I think of Moundhill and Diablo. Honestly, my first thought was "I bet this was Jackalope as a youngster". However, Jackalope is not as much of a youngster anymore, so I had to pick on our resident young bucks. Sorry Taylor and Jake. I had to...
  16. Monster Raxx

    Pics from this weekends camera check

    Here are some of the pics from this weekends camera check
  17. Curran

    Curran's 2012 Camera

    First camera check of the year had a few good bucks on it, so at least I can start piecing together a little bit of a target list for the 2012 season. I put the SpyPoint IR-6 on video mode for the first few weeks just to see what I could see. After switching out the memory card, I flipped it...
  18. Monster Raxx

    A few bucks from this weekends camera check

    Here are a few bucks I got pics of from this weekends camera check. I am hoping they make it one more year. Meet Ray Charles I wish this PIG lifted his head
  19. R

    I wish I had my camera

    I was on my normal drive to work this morning, which takes through the majority of my bow hunting areas, I stop to check out a decent 8pt and beautiful 1.5 year old 6 pt feeding about 100 yds from one of my setups. I watch for a minute then go to pull away only to see a bachelor group of 6 bucks...
  20. Longdraw

    DEAL Cheap plot watcher camera

    Primos Truth DPS 'Deer Positioning System $44.99 http://www.wingsupply.com/game-cameras-accessories/primos-truth-dps-deer-positioning-system/