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Alaska bound


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S.W. Ohio

Come a long way


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Keene, OH
Nice pile, Silvers? Took my kids twice in the mid 90's over the summer solstice when they were growing up.... still feel the pull to return.

Very excellent @giles - First time I went was before the internet- solo as it was a work trip to Shemya (where they bent the International Date Line) when I went - bought a magazine at Elmendorph "Road Fishing Alaska" and rented camping gear from FT Richie, LoL carried my fishing gear on board. My fav spot was the confluence of the Russian and Kenai - usually 0200 - 0500 many times just me and couple other knuckle heads that wanted to be there away from the crowds.

Good for you Giles and Fam! Just found this thread and ya man brings back dusty gray memories - had to go look in my "Ol'Timey" directory... smile -

Your kiddos will remember these times.... and you.

About three mile hike up the Russian, Mrs, Sierra, Zak and I. Had the spot all to ourselves - thanks man - OLD memories; Good LUCK!
salmon bob sierra.jpg

Good shot of the Mrs. ... before digital cams -
carol salmon jump.jpg
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Reds, still way early for silvers. Confluence should be open, I haven't looked though. The Russian is a good spot but the fish are freshest down by Soldotna. You can still see the sea lice on most of those pics.
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