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Anything but the stupid virus


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I haven't ran mine in years and of course there was fuel in it. The extent of my trying today was locating the model number and ordering a new carb, lines, plug and tank from Amazon for $40. I ain't even dicking with trying to get that bitch running before those are replaced. 😅
New carb and tank installed, primed it and she started on the first pull, let her warm up and turned off the choke then cut the grass. I guess it runs like new when the whole fuel system gets replaced. 😅👍


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Davie County, NC
Quite possibly one of the greatest docuseries creations of all time. More riveting and entertaining than an actual real life train wreck.
I watched about an hour of that and got up and went and detailed my boat. I couldn’t take it any longer.... That series boggled my mind and worries me about anyone who’d be watching it.... I’m seriously wondering what I ever saw in my wife!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂🥜🥜🥜🥜😂😂😂😂
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Don't forget the Superman outfit, Joe!

Toilet replaced. Found a truck in Alabama. Awaiting pics and vids to confirm condition. Buy different truck. Repair old one and sell. Or just park it behind building and have one heckuva parts truck. Same year, make, model truck and sweeper assembly.

My point: I'm still working. We have a new toilet. It isn't leaking. We will find silver linings. I may not be fishing or shooting birds. (Yes Brock. I'm a little jealous but keep the good updates coming.) This is all going to work out. I'm thankful to be working. Even if some days don't go as planned. Life is good. Look for opportunities. Be open minded. Sometimes we are thrown a curve ball for a reason. Maybe the path we are on was the wrong one. Maybe there are better things in store.