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Countdown to Turkey Season!


Senior Member
57 days!

I was talking to huntn2 this morning and realized something. Because Easter is so late this year, my break for College is a little different, with a long stretch between our 2 day "spring break" next week and our week long (between two weekends with a day stamped on the end) Easter break is really late. But, but, but! When is our break? Exactly during the first week of turkey season!


I have only gotten to hunt the last few days of the season the last 2 years and it's sucked. Last year I did have a lot of hens around me, but no gobbles. BUT I have some great turkey places (Had 9 within 10 yards of me during muzzleloader season) that I will be able to hunt that week....literally just made my freaking day!


*Supporting Member*
Massillon, Ohio
im ready...im hoping to bust my first tom this year....went with my dad last year and a couple times and didnt see a thing. hoping to get it done on film this year with the bow. I have a good spot wehre the farmer sounted 60 the one day last year. So I hope it produces..sounds pretty promising.