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Countdown to Turkey Season!


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57 days!

I was talking to huntn2 this morning and realized something. Because Easter is so late this year, my break for College is a little different, with a long stretch between our 2 day "spring break" next week and our week long (between two weekends with a day stamped on the end) Easter break is really late. But, but, but! When is our break? Exactly during the first week of turkey season!


I have only gotten to hunt the last few days of the season the last 2 years and it's sucked. Last year I did have a lot of hens around me, but no gobbles. BUT I have some great turkey places (Had 9 within 10 yards of me during muzzleloader season) that I will be able to hunt that week....literally just made my freaking day!

DJK Frank 16

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Hardin County
Kind of ashamed to say, but I've never been turkey hunting before. May have to tag along with my cousin this year and see what all the fuss is about! :)


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No one is excited about turkey season?


55 days.

Turkey season is my favorite time of year. Nothing like shooting a bird at 6:30 AM, being on a zero turn at 9, then sitting next to a bon fire drunk at 10.

I just hate thinking about it right now with all the winter that could still be left and all the taxes to to paid.


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Gods Country
I am starting to think more about it. The one spot i hunted during deer season I saw turkeys almost every time I was out. Can't wait to hear em gobbling.


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Massillon, Ohio
im ready...im hoping to bust my first tom this year....went with my dad last year and a couple times and didnt see a thing. hoping to get it done on film this year with the bow. I have a good spot wehre the farmer sounted 60 the one day last year. So I hope it produces..sounds pretty promising.