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Deadly fire


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This is not a good happy feeling thread. That is your warning.

We had a tragic event happy inside the family early yesterday morning. When your son calls you from 200+ miles away freaking out, you put that car in drive. Even if it is 0140 on a Monday. I'm gonna stay away from details and questions as this is all very fresh to us and I too am learning how to deal with this. Here is the article, there are others. This was also all over the radio stations as some of you have heard.

As I laid in bed this morning completely defeated I realized that this is not me. I am not a depressed kind of guy that is easily beat. I think with my other battles, this was just the straw that got me. I realized it though and made a plan.

A long time ago I heard "in every tragic event is something to learn". That popped in my head and I started looking inside our own lives for things to do and learn. Like how our house doesn't have any smoke detectors. So up out of the bed I got. Showered up like an adult and even made myself breakfast. Woke up my boys and to town we went. The sticker shock was overwhelming...a drug addict can get a shot for free, but it cost how much to potentially save a family?! Anyways, I sent the wife a text and had her order them online.

After that we headed towards the campground. My buddy bought a new charcoal smoker that spits little ambers sometimes. It has had him worried with the collection of leaves under the deck. We have talked about cleaning it out and that's it...well, it was handled today.

Trying to put a positive and constructive way of dealing with this. If any of you have a fire hazard, please learn from this also and deal with it before it happens to you. Kody said it yesterday "this type of stuff isn't supposed to happen to you". No one at any age should be feet away while your cousin...(I can't say it) you get the point. My phone has been overwhelming as the news spreads. Please forgive me if I don't answer you. We are good and have a solid plan. I feel good enough to step away from his side and go to work tomorrow. His head is in a good place right now and I am very proud of his actions and reactions.

Some of you are already aware of all this and I'm am sorry you have to read it again. This is just the best way for me to reach everyone and also use this as a learning tool. Please fix any issues you may know about. I don't ever want to go through this again with anyone.


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Tough stuff indeed and this is one of my biggest fears in life. The loss of life and property to fire has been a primal fear of mine since birth it seems. It's hard to imagine a worse fate. We'll be thinking of you guys. :cry:
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So sorry to read this Dave. The one positive in this is that everyone reading this can take steps as you have to make their family and friends safe. Fire prevention isn’t something that comes up often in conversations but things like keeping smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home, fire extinguishers inside your home, garage and vehicles, keeping flammable liquids out in the shed (not in your garage), making sure your grill isn’t next to your house and keeping leaves away from your deck and home are just a few of the steps that everyone should be thinking about after an event like this. Prayers to everyone involved.


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So sorry to hear this, our prayers are with you and the family. I’m just a phone call away or a text anytime. As you are aware I’m in that field of work and unfortunately I’ve been exposed to someone’s worst of times.

If anyone has and questions how to safeguard you house or of the such please get in touch with me. Although even we can’t prevent it 100%….we even had a station burn down and we man it 24/7, there is measures to take to lesson the risk. Smoke detectors and CO detectors work. Also storing of flammables properly lessons the risk. I can go on and on but this isn’t the format to do it in. Again I’m a phone call away.