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Deer & Turkey Expo


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North Central Ohio
Who's going and when? I'm thinking about swinging down for a few hours, but haven't figured out if work is gonna allow it yet. I hope to put some faces with some names if you're going.


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Yea, starts the 18th.


I didn't make it down last year. THe last time I was there (usually for the beef expo too), there was just no room to move. I want to get my buck scored and entered, but haven't made up my mind if I'm gonna make the trip down yet.

Did you get your buck back already? Mine won't be done until the first week of April. Planning on taking it down to Fin Feather Fur on April 10th for their scoring event.


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North Central Ohio
No, I just have the rack. Taxi just lives down the road about 10mins, so as soon as I get it scored he'll get it back. Thanks for the info for the free scoring at the Fin!


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Southeast Ohio
I'm planning on going up Friday evening to pick up a treestand and shoot the new Elite bows. Also, want to see if I can find a place around C-bus that sells Kayaks. I plan on picking one up by the end of March.


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Central Ohio
I'll be going at some point in time with my son. He saw the flyer that came in the mail and told my wife, "I'm going to this with Dad, and you and sissy have to stay home. Hunting stuff is just for the boys."

Last year he stopped at just about every booth and picked up business cards & pamphlets from everybody!! Jesse hooked him up with a Buckeye Cam stocking hat that he calls his hunting hat, and wears outside every time he has a chance.


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NW Ohio
I am planning on it. I have an appointment 3/18 at 1Pm. Not sure I will make it on Friday. I am going to try to get a group together to carpool. If we can work it out I might head that way with Gern and one of my buddies plus whoever else we get rounded up. Maybe Ryan? Not sure how much time I will spend at the Deer expo. I might try to spend more time across the parking lot at the Predator Expo. I plan on being on the grounds at some point that weekend though.


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Norton, OH
I will be down Saturday with JMMyers (Jimmy). Probably hitting it up early, might consider meeting up at Hooters for beverages for lunch/early dinner if anyone is interested.

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NW ohio
I will be there Friday and saturday for sure....but helping at the scoring table......I wanna stop by the predator wxpo though
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Greg and I will be up Friday, just not sure on the time and that will all depend on how the St. Patty's celebration goes the night before in Athens!!! I doubt we are there real late as I'd like to do our thing there, then get a bite to eat at J. Alexanders! If you have never been there, you owe it to yourself to go. It's a pricy meal, but you talk about great food! They have a 28-day aged prime rib that is unlike anything we can get around here. I'm lucky to eat there once a year, so I'm looking forward to it!!!