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I have no idea what it is like for anyone else when it comes to finding and/or purchasing particular/specific gun parts and/or certain gun accessories lately, but I have had some difficulty trying to find certain or specific items available or in stock and/or outrageously priced, not just ammo.

I just received today three high capacity 25 round WIN 308/762x51 NATO PMAGs. The company that I ordered them from last week was the only one I found that had them available in that configuration in months, plus they were surprisingly priced better than where I originally purchase them from, which is MidwayUSA.


Anyhow, I have another item where I placed an expensive order/purchased back in April, the 11th, of 21, and I just received an email two days ago from the retailer for the fourth time over the course of the past few months where the estimated shipping date once again has changed. Now they are telling me that the new estimated shipping date will be October 11, 2021.

I was absolutely stunned by that news! So, that prompted me to send an email to the manufacturer directly the day before yesterday and explain my situation. To my amazement, a representative of the manufacturer responded to me immediately with what I consider a personal detailed explanation as to why such a back log in fulfilling orders with their dealers. The representative stated that if I cancel the order with the current retailer and purchase through them directly, they will get one to me within two weeks. Good deal!

Basically, what the manufacturer representative shared with me, not only has the demand increased for this product tremendously since the pandemic and the political atmosphere, which has caused them to increase their production capability by adding five brand new factory machines, two of them that will be fully automated, they also told me that primary materials, such has steel and aluminum, have become more of a challenge, difficult to acquire in bulk amounts. They also shared with me that they are truly having difficulty acquiring new hires as well, new employees. The manufacturing operation of production is located just outside Los Angles, California. Go figure!

I thought I would share my most recent experience with you all because it is not just ammo that is heavily impacted by what I believe is a manufactured crisis in our country currently.
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