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How I found TOO

I found TOO a few years back when I googled something about the rut in Ohio. I hung around for a while before joining but glad I did. I’ve interacted with a lot of good people on here. It’s a great community of folks. I look forward to meeting more people down the road


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I joined TOO early on. I was like member 39 or something. There was some drama that took place when TOO first came about. Honestly OS and TOO had a hand in raising young men like "88", huck, and myself. I haven't met as many guys on here recently because I am rarely in Ohio anymore. TOO is a great place.
I started on the forums when I was 22. At 35, I can honestly say that a large part of why I am the man I am today is from the friendships I've made via OS and TOO. Guys like Geezer and Milo have taught me lifelong lessons that I may not have been fortunate enough to learn had it not been for this platform. It's also guy the learning curve drastically on many of my outdoor pursuits and over time, I've gone from total rookie, to seasoned vet in some pursuits. Always remember to pay it forward and this platform will give you far more than you could have ever imagined from a group of "guys on the internets". :cool:


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My wife has asked me before “what would you do without TOO?”. I’m sure I’ll live, but no doubt there will be something missing in my Life.
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My wife has asked me before “what would you do without TOO?”. I’m sure I’ll live, but no doubt there will be something missing in my Life.
Let me know when your leaving.. I will buy alot of stock in Bud Light...Pickle Pickle


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Gods Country
Wow, what a thread Dave. Thanks for starting it.

I also came over from the dark side pretty early. But I got my first real introduction to what kind of place this could be in December of 09. The last two months of 09 where horrible, but without those months I would have never been able to build the relationships I have with all you great guys. In about a 3 week period my dog got ran over 2 days before my birthday. I heard it happen and the fuggers didn't even stop, our septic collapsed on itself, and if that wasn't enough on December 12th, we got robbed and taken for about 10,000. They got all of Austin and I's guns. 2 of Austin's were given to him from grandparent's. At this point in time I had only met 1 person and that was good ol Fluteman himself.

All of the sudden I get a pm from Jesse. He asks for my address. About a week later I get a card in the mail addressed to Austin and I. In it was $300s in Dunham's gift cards. If I recall there where about 13 people involved in this gift and I had only ever met 1 of them. That was my introduction to the quality of people there are here. Unfortunately for them they couldn't figure out how to Foster that environment the way Jesse and Joe have.

This is a great place with some great people, and it is a true blessing to call you friends and family.



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Roots Stevo, good to remember how things started. This was also geared towards some of the new guys and lurkers. We all started somewhere and have grown into this virtual campfire. Feels good when you can travel to about any part of the state and meet someone for beers/coffee. Had me some with Gordo last night and a couple hours with that guy will make you take back shit you didn’t steal! Always a good time!😂🤣😂

Anyways, keep this one going boys. Roots are good.

My defining moment was when you fuggers gang raped me over a simple question... I read between the lines and watched how you fellas stuck together like Mexicans in a pinto. I knew I had to take the punches to earn my keep.


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I just started getting to know a dozen or so regulars on OS by reading their posts and opinions on certain topics but nothing more than clicks behind a keyboard when I found time. I was really new to this internet social media stuff and OS was the only site I interacted with other members on. I can still remember some of the members here avatars they used back in those days. I remember after only being on OS for 6 months or so and then out of nowhere several members started not posting much if any and just disappeared. I remember asking the question “what happened to several heavy posters?” in a thread and I think Steve or a mod simply said they left on their own accord over how OS was ran. Then I PM’ed someone(Jesse I think)about why or what happened and was told he and Jackalope were starting up their own site and I was welcome to check it out. The rest is history.
I kept telling my bro about TOO and that he’d really like the site and the close comradery it’s core members add to the atmosphere. Then during the summer of 2011 while Ron and I were going through the toughest day of our lives I remember him coming up to me in the funeral home lobby as friends and family started coming through the doors with a speechless look on his face. Mom was standing nearby and when he asked me about the beautiful throw and card from my TOO FAMILY offering their condolences she also acknowledged about seeing it. To say I was surprised and overwhelmed would be an understatement as were they. I believe this is when Ron started becoming a regular poster on TOO as well.
We still to this day will NEVER forget how this group of great people came to our aid with support during this very difficult time of need even though we really hadn’t known each other that long and mostly that was from clicks and posts in front of a computer screen.


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It was September of 2011 and I was a member of OS. A young fella named Capt Ernie (some of you knw him as Huck) sent me a PM over there about this new site that I should check out. I made the switch and never looked back. It's a band of brothers here.

Like J said, my wife thought I was gonna get murdered by some online crazies the first time I was leaving the house to head to Coshocton and spend a weekend with you fuggers. Now we have made friendships to last a lifetime. Rock on fellas!