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LIVE from the stand 2018-19


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Somewhere OHIO
Snow and ice on the stand steps this morning. Another hunter walked in and went right past me this morning. Didn't even see me since I stayed on the ground this morning. Got tired of the wind and snow and ice pelting me. Went home and got the quad out to check field edges for yote tracks. Nadda, nothing. Did see some deer tracks from overnight that showed a buck doggin a doe. They are in the woods somewhere lol.

Try it again this evening.

Stay safe out there and have fun fellas.


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Columbiana County
Lots of tracks heading across the fields going in. Buddy saw 4 and I saw 3 no shooters just little fuggers browsing through..... One of them dragging his right rear leg.... Jumped a bedded Button buck on the way out. That was it for the money....

That wind was brutal, had 3 very large trees come down before daylight. Nothing close but what a racket they made....