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LIVE from the stand 2018-19

The bucks are really starting to hammer my mock scrapes right now,been doing it for many years and always seems to draw them out.
I transplanted a small beech tree on Saturday and planted it 18 yards out in front of my creek bottom stand. I did this for the purpose of making mock scrapes next year. I'm hoping bucks that come through while I'm on stand will stop to at least investigate it.


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Mt. Cory Hancock County
Well, as Brock says, "all the fun, without the mess". Although we really wanted to make a mess. We had about a dozen Does and Fawns feed out about 100 yards from us. Eventually momma came straight in at us and stopped at 10 yards. Greyson was pulled up on her just waiting for her to turn. When she did she never stopped until she was behind some brush. All the others fed our way but stayed just out of range the whole time. I know i was way more nervous than he was. My goodness was I mess. Afterward he was pretty upset about no shot. We had the talk again about no shot being better than a bad shot. We picked a few puffballs on the way out and he was excited to tell his story when we got home