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LIVE from the stand 2018-19


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NW Ohio
How big of a woods you hunting Phil?
29 acre parcel. Maybe 10 acres tillable. Wouldn't call the rest of it "woods". More overgrown junk. Not CRP. Not many mature trees. I try to stay out of it and hunt the edges. Pretty much a thicket/CRP type ground with a creek going thru it. Terrible spot. ;)


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Columbiana County
Well, gentlemen (I use that term VERY loosely) Good luck tonight! Someone better draw some blood and drop some antlers! Perfect night to be hunting. Of course, the nicest day all season and I'll be busy taking a fucking lieutenants test tonight. Damn you work. Lol. Good luck buds!
How many brain cells you need too kill to take that test? 😂😂😂

Good luck with the test....
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