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LIVE from the stand 2018-19

SE Ohio
My son just killed the big buck I showed yesterday
Awesome !!! Congratulations!!!!
I saw nothing tonight. Wind was shitty and hard to set up for. Tons of shooting going on around the area. One so close I about jumped out of the climber. Headed back to tried and true, moving with high hopes landed me nothing.
Haven’t shot a “shooter buck” since 2013. But always try to eat first.


Whitetail & Coyote Hunter
Gone from on extreme to the other over the past two days.

Yesterday, I seen nothing but bucks in the a.m. hours.

Today, I seen nothing but antlerless deer during the last hour of hunting.

Earlier, I didn't see a thing at both my morning & afternoon sits, so I got up moved once again for my evening hunt.

Since the NE wind died down a little after 3:00 pm, I headed to my 'Northern Ladder Stand', which is located right above a big bedding area for many of the antlerless deer in the area.

The stand is perched right on top of a ridge facing the creek bottom with a small cut bean field on the Northern side.
2018-11-08 16.21.43.jpg

Apparently, I did a decent job slipping in totally undetected cause I had two younger deer bedded directly underneath me, right under the Honeysuckles.

I got settled in right @4:00 and the two that were in front of me got up a little before 4:30 pm.

I watched one by one get up and pile out into the pasture right behind me to graze for about 30 minutes or so.
2018-11-08 18.40.16.jpg
Some choose to get a drink first at the creek bottom.

Altogether, I had eight antlerless deer all around me.

Five adult Does and three young ones that never knew I was there, and they were directly downwind of me 'TOO'!.

At one point or another, each them got to be within 15 yards of me and were complete clueless that I was there.

I was hoping to see a Mr. Buck show up, but he never did.

Finally, after all the deer left immediate area and headed further North, right across the creek and towards the cut bean field, I got down and hiked my 100 yards back to my shop.

This evening activity made up for the long day of seeing nothing.

I still enjoyed being out in it all day!

Tomorrow is suppose be more rain, so I'm not sure yet what I'll end up doing.

I'll figure that out here shortly or simply play it by ear...

Good night 'TOO'ville and congratulations to the 'TOO' hunter that knock down one hellava of buck tonight!
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Oh I got fucked too. @ 4pm That fawn cam back up after feeding next to my pop up. As she was near me, my neighbor that I had to listen to his leaf blower & tractor mulching yesterday fired back up. After an hr, the leaf blowing ended. Low & behold, that big buck with the doe from earlier this morning came back off the hill. They were still up on the old oil well road & into my other neighbor ( that neighbor ) upper corner & they were once again headed my way. As they were starting to make their way down, the other neighbor with the tractor came up on his backside to mulch. That pushed both deer farther along the road ( it's not really a road ) up behind me where I couldn't see them anymore, so I don't know where they went. The deer are use to all that & I did see some more, but I can't hear anything with all racket. Then another neighbor got in the act & he continued mulching into the dark... as other deer were running around & I couldn't tell what was what.

With all the whining I wanna do, I AM in a really good spot like I've never been before, so each day is an adventure.


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NE Ohio
Thanks guys for all the congrats. It was an amazing night. We only had a half hour and I was planning on just sitting and enjoying my time with my son. But then a doe came flying in with a buck behind her. She started our way then veered off. He continued towards us but then started to follow the doe. I voice grunted which stopped him (behind a tree of course), and he wouldn’t move. My son decided to voice grunt, which admittedly miffed me at first. Apparently if confused the buck. He stepped out at 35 yards to see what the noise was. He then looked like he was going to head to where the doe went so I told my son to take a shot if he was ready. God definitely blessed his arrow… Right through the heart. Deer ran 30 yards and collapsed. Check out the girth!