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Official TOO Catch Thread

Caught a few kitties and a gar for the grease this weekend. Also we had 6 throw back stripers that wouldn't stay of my jugs!
Some good places around Guernsey County for them. Salt Fork, Tappan, Leesville, Atwood, Seneca to name a few...
Thanks! I’ll have to give Lewisville, Atwood, and Tappan a try. I’ve been out on salt fork a couple times and Seneca probably a dozen. Only a couple keepers and a bunch of dinks to speak of! I appreciate the help though

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker

After catching over 40 trout from various lakes and streams in Potter and Tioga counties in Pennsylvania, one day we went to Rainbow Paradise. It’s a pay lake. Some ponds are catch and release, some fly fishing only, some you must keep everything you catch (and pay per pound) which can get expensive, and the large pond is catch and release/keep it if you want to type of fishing. The last pond is $10 per hour to fish and we fished for around 3 hours. I released everything I caught...rainbow trout, palomino, brook, brown and tiger trout (a cross between a brook and brown trout). It was a good time. It’s a pretty nice set up...a stream feeds the top pond and filters down to all of the other lower ponds. New water is constantly cycling through the ponds. They’ve got some trout in there pushing 15 pounds.