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Official TOO Catch Thread

Solid bass have been cruising the banks here sucking up bream.


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We were in Corolla, NC on the Outer Banks last week. The sound fishing there that far north on the OBX sucks, and I don't fly fish the surf much (none this trip). There is a sweet little pond by our condo, though, and it made for fun short laps before breakfast and before dark.

Southern bluegills are just prettier.

The bass fishing was good. I routinely caught 3-4 ditch pickles on a pond lap. A lot of them I caught on small poppers.

Day 1, on my little panfish rod, I hooked a nice bass that broke me off when it dove into the wood around the little turtle ramp. A couple days later, I hooked another big one on a popper that I fought for a while before the hook just popped free. Finally, on Thursday, I hooked another good one and managed to land it.



myrtle beach surf fishing, absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Went and bought a $25 surf fishing combo at Walmart, ran into a local in camo and struck up conversation, He showed me what to buy, went to lowes bought a piece of 10’ p b c pipe for $7 and cut it with a saw in the store while worker held the pipe. Yolo
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