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Ohio Gun Season 2019


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Constitution Ohio
Good luck tomorrow fellas and be safe. I finish up work at 5:00 am and have the first 4 days off. I really don't enjoy gun season because I cringe with every shot that a project buck just went down. Anyhow, I will be out keeping tabs on my 78 year old Dad. We have quite a few bucks coming into the box blind/corn during daylight hours. He's killed a lot of deer over the years and hoping he can add to that tomorrow.


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NW Ohio
I'm NOT crying nor complaining. I'm okay eating a tag. That said. . . I'm ready to change the pace and tote a firearm around. Gun season is a welcome change right now. Got a buddy that hasn't been out yet this season. He has been working 7 12's. I'm really hoping to help him drag a deer out more than anything. He should be in a decent spot this morning. If we don't see anything by 9am I am taking a strategic walk to swap some trail cam cards. Basically just let my scent drift into an area which may get him a shot. On day one? Yep. He only took 2 days off. Got to make it work.


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Nw oh
Good luck fellas. This is the first opener I can ever remember missing. Even when I lived in AK I still hunted the opener! Gonna be hard to stay at work this week😂.
I feel your pain. I think this is my second missed opener. I'll probably be able to see guys hunting on the outskirt of town from the scaffolding I'm working on and hear all the morning blasts echo in the distance.....


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Licking Co. Ohio
I'm skipping this morning. (Dentist again) Gonna sit this evening in hopes of shooting a particular HUGE Nanny Doe. She's really smart but wind should be good for it. Good Luck Everyone!


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Windy as hell here and spitting rain. Home weather station has been showing between 12-16 sustained. Probably just head to the office and save the vaca day.