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Ohio Gun Season 2019


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Licking Co. Ohio
Well....11 does total. Connor did his part at 5:05. 6 came in and she was in the back of the pack. She knew something was not right.... then I noticed the wind shifted where I was at and started coming a little more out of the north than the West. She spun around and headed up the tractor path, taking the other five in toe.
Still an exciting evening and pretty much worked out just the way it was planned except for Mother Nature being a Slut....lol


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Lake County
The neighbors dog thinks my food plot is a great place to run around, SOB came through the thicket sounding like a big deer and bumped three deer out. I cussed him and a minute later a 4 shots ring out coming from the other neighbors place.....

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Nw oh
I got out for the last hour. Saw a handful of deer off in the distance. Very surprised the lack of trucks and orange I saw on the way home from work. The opening day of gun law used to be crazy when I first started hunting. It's kinda sad seeing a dieing tradition for many area families.
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NE Ohio
I went ahead an grabbed the 44 marlin carbine an went out this evening. Saw deer. No shots taken.

Funny thing was I saw 5-6 at 200 yards across a low area that is all swamp, stream and red brush moving parallel to me so I wrote them off.

30 min later I hear 1 little noise behind me and the
Massive twin oak I have a 12ish ft buddie ladder stand strapped to and 4 doe blast , 2 of which almost directly under my stand , down the woods away from me.
I can still see the wet leaves kicking up they went by so fast! Never been in the middle of a stampede before. Needless to say that got me going.
I never did figure out what spooked em. Kept an eye out on my 6 the last 45 min of shooting light.

Think I’ll hunt tomorrow.


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I got the skunk this afternoon. My buddy Mike tried to tough it out all day long. He was rewarded at 1:55 pm when this 11 point with plus 2 kickers stepped into his window of his box blind at 15 yards. He got to try out his new .350 Legend today. A 100 yard track job then a major jump off a high wall to his demise. Crazy Critters....Deer Camp deer number 200 since camp inception. A good way to celebrate!