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Take this job and shove it!

how often do you think about leaving your job?

  • once a year

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • once a month

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • once a week

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • once a day

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • hourly, even on the fuggin weekend!!!

    Votes: 6 35.3%

  • Total voters


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Hourly, even on the weekends.

Not at all because I dislike my job. I love my job. But my brain doesn’t allow me to be happy with one thing or another. I have a tragic disability that consumes me, forcing me to constantly dream and speculate about new career paths and new ventures. I simply can’t turn it off. Alcohol doesn’t work. In fact, I think it only makes it worse. Weed would probably help… but that is frowned upon by by employer and my CDL endorsement. 😂
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Nw oh
Im only working my job now for a bit more money that comes with a shitload of headaches and a steady paycheck. I dont want to let down some people by saying f it, and put them in a pickle. Ive thought if i do smoke to stay sane and get popped with a random which im due and get fired itd be easier on everybody. Either way quit or fire freedoms whispering in this hot wind do it do it do it pussy do it.....


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This is an interesting topic. I think about other employment every day, but certainly not because I dislike my job. Probably more so because I tend to grow unsatisfied and restless very quickly when it comes to employment, which I dont necessary see as a bad trait. It certainly doesn't make things easier though either.

I went to school for wildlife, have worked in the field all my life including for multiple state and federal agencies, non profits, for profits and now self employed. I learned very quickly that if you want to play it safe, have a great benefits package and early retirement that government work definitely is the way to go for that. Not saying its always easy work because it isn't, but you will be more then accommodated and taken care of. I have watched it in every friend I have that has went that route. You may never get rich from it but you will be set come retirement. But there are trade offs for this comfort and ones that my brain simply will not let me accept, especially in an unapologetically political agency such as DOW, and im dam aweful about keeping my mouth shut when there's something that needs said. Plenty of people make fine careers in government work. I dont see me being one of them. The only way I could ever see myself going back to government work is if I find a job in my dream land of OBX, and it would have to be a pretty dam good paying one. I guess stranger things could happen though.

Working for other for profit companies was very frustrating for me. The work was tough and the pay didn't add up. Bad benefits and no retirement. The most frustrating part was knowing the money they were making, and thinking I could do it better myself and for less money.

Non-profit work is probably the closest thing to my calling as I have found besides self- employment. I thoroughly enjoyed the work and knew I was working for a greater cause. I believed in our mission. Unfortunately though benefits were marginal and the pay wasn't acceptable, and I was never home.

I've been self employed now for 4 years and it has went far better then I expected business wise. I learned very quickly the frustrations of running a business, but also the exceptional highs of making money your own way. There are plenty of weeks I work 70 hours but there are also weeks I dont work much at all. I work around my families schedule as much as possible and being able to watch my son grow up like I have these past 3 years simply wouldn't have been possible if I wasn't self employed. That time and memories alone have made it worth it. Im still left with no benefits and no retirement to speak of, but im doing it my own way and absolutely enjoying my life in the mean time. Can't put a monetary value on that. I sleep good at night, and if the time ever comes when the business has ran its course, I know I have made myself and skills even more marketable to other potential employers in the process.

I have had 4 people the past several years that were very close to me pass away, all way too young. One of them was my dad. Its been a tough several years for our family in that regard. They all worked hard and worked their asses off and banked on enjoying their retirement and fruits of their labor one day soon. Unfortunately none of them got the chance to do so. I will not allow that tragedy to be me. If I die young I go out with my best possible life in this crazy ass world.
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Nw oh
Put my notice in today. I wont be unemployed but after 3 more weeks and finishing a shitty bid project. Im taking an undetermined amount of time off to work on the house. After that time i can go back to work if i want or not but i wont run anymore jobs as its not worth the headaches.