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Sounds like things are coming together. I probably need to start the same process so I can have mine before hunting season.
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Sorry for the long post but a lot of stuff has happened since last posting here. Well I got tested last Tuesday for my hearing. The lady was very nice and told me I have a hearing loss within a certain range and also have trouble hearing words that sound alike and probably hearing kids as they tend to string their words together. BINGO I said! She then informed me that this wasn’t a exam for my hearing aids…this was an exam for compensation! I told her I’ve been trying to get an exam for hearing aids for months and thought this was it. She was very helpful and told me about a veterans clinic that just opened that wasn’t too far from my home. She told me to go there and register for medical, then when I get notification of being approved, I can then set up a exam for my hearing aids. Went there today and registered. People there were very helpful and told me that I’d be notified within 7-10 days, then I can come back and set up my appointment for my hearing aid exam. Seems like you get a lot more done when doing it in person instead of over the phone.
Then I get a call today about going to get my exam for my shoulder (I shattered my clavicle and the doctor never set it…it healed wrong and pops when I move a certain way). They wanted to send me to Baltimore. I told them I wanted something in Jersey. She then started that bullshit about they can schedule me anywhere within 100 miles of my home. I then told her I had filed a complaint with Whitehouse VA hotline (thanks @Stressless ) and that they were supposed to find something closer to my home like they did for my hearing exam. She then said she had to contact a supervisor and would get back to me. This isn’t my first rodeo with these people so I expect them to simply return the exam request back to the VA for refusal to go where they wanted to send me. I will then have to file another complaint, then someone will contact me and schedule something here in NJ. It sucks but at least now I know their procedure. It seems the people working the phones don’t really do their jobs right and create lots of aggravation for the vets. Their communication sucks too….here I thought that after fighting to get an appointment for my hearing aids since February that Tuesday was it, but it wasn’t….it was for compensation. The lady there steered me in the right direction. After knowing where to go and what to ask for, it took less than a day! Why couldn’t one of those assholes I talked to on the phone over the past 4 months have helped me? I unexpectedly recieved a check in the mail today from the VA for $30.71 for gas/travel expenses to the doctors office. I expect to get notified by mid week next week then will set up my hearing aids exam. Then just need to get my shoulder exam scheduled and I can put all of this aggravation behind me.
Dang George! Sorry to hear what BS you’re going through! but…..I before E except after C. 😬
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It's all too common from the vets I talk with and tr y to help - CoVid made the matters 100% worse as the lagabouts and werewithalls just used that as an excuse to cry oppression or offended.


There are good people in those agencies and every once in awhile you come across a person that wants to help and has the knowledge to actually move it forward.

I hope the best for you George, keep the momentum - it seems to stimie the chair warmers and gives faith to those few folks you get ahold of that think we're worth the effort.

I also applogize for not pointing out the two sides of the VA Jeckle and Hyde. The Care givers via the medical staff and the gate keepers who judge you and your claims. Sometimes it's just like talking with two mentially ill sisters to get what you know needs done.
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