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TOO Projects Thread

So far I have been well pleased with my John Deere 1025. It is a far better machine than the Kubota that I had. Of course the Kubota was over 40 years old and the JD is brand new. LOL. One thing to consider on many of these sub compacts. Alot of the 3 point hitches don't have position control. They simply raise or lower. It makes a big difference when trying to grade or even set brush hog height. Position control makes it far easier to raise it just a hair and hold it there. The 1025 had that and is part of the reason I went that way.

ONe thing to consider is when things open back up here, I would bet you will see some pretty good deals as dealerships are going to be looking to move some inventory. You will also be able to get some long term financing at 0%.


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Davie County, NC
I've heard good things about them, but I plan to work mine like a tractor, not a glorified lawn mower. I had dad's Kubota on 3 wheels twice in the 6 weeks I had it. Wasn't cause I was babying it I can assure you that 😂
It gets really squirrelly when on 2 on a hillside 😂
But in all seriousness, they’re discounted and offered for a good interest rate for a reason....
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12 tons of 57s today. Remarkable difference and a huge boost to the curb appeal. We sold our other vehicle yesterday, so I ordered gravel and Tracie has loaded a cart with a new front door and lights. Also have some new rockers coming, as well as some landscape maintenance and trim painting. She's coming along!




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Huron County, OH
Looks great Twire & Jesse!

Yeah, yeah, I hear u 2 loud and clear. I'm putting together my timeline now to cut it in but weather is the wildcard. Looking at 155-160tons for the base 1's & 2's, then hoping to stay in the 130-140 ton range for the following 2 layers. Was able to source woven geotextile fabric for $1.50/ft for the 450' run.