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TOO Weight Loss - Biggest Loser Edition

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Hudson, OH
Keep up the good work, fellas.

I finally got fed up with getting fatter and have been eating/drinking well for the past 7 weeks and working out daily for the past 4 weeks (minus Sunday’s). Down 20 lbs so far with a stretch goal of clearing 4 more lbs by 4/1. From there, a mere 5-10 more lbs needs shed.


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Nw oh
Had a fever and chills this week and ate more food at night than a have in the last three. Thought I wouldn't brake 180. I'm going to slow down the fasting now and mix in some healthy breakfasts and small lunches. A pound or two a week will be good enough. I havnt been on a block job in a year now so I'm looking the weekest that I have been in 20yrs.