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TOO Weight Loss - Biggest Loser Edition


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Licking Co. Ohio
Hardest part for me was finally getting started. The total change in how I feel now is my current motivation and that is gaining. Two weeks ago I cut out most all snacks and 90% of the carbs. Chips, fruit pies, PB&J and little debbies were just too easy while running my crane. I have a small Universal type gym and Ab Lounge in the basement~~10 years old and brand new!...or was new until now. I'm not killin' it, but my pants are bigger already and can tie both boots at once. Got my bike out and gaining ground with it. (Newark has all kinds of bike trails.) I'm up to 4 miles now. Recently got a computer for mileage and a set of earbuds.... I feel good enough that I can't believe I didn't do this much sooner.


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Finally got tired of not reaching my target weight despite it not being entirely a bad thing, after all, muscle weighs more than fat and I'm definitely building muscle. Decided to add a cardio heavy day between my body weight/kettlebell day on Monday and heavy lifting on Friday. Wednesdays are now run a mile at a 9 minute mile pace, walk .33 miles at 3.5, run another 9 minute mile, walk another .33 at 3.5, run another 9 minute mile, finish with another .33 miles at 3.5, but at a 12% grade. Total of 4 miles in 45 minutes and 650 calories burned. I hate treadmill work and look forward to getting back outside soon!

I need to develop a whole new routine starting next week now that I'll be back to a regular job and normal hours, so running in the early AM hours will likely be part of that. I'll be working just over the hill from a brand new fitness facility built in our old TSC, so I'll be joining there when it opens next month. My current gym will no longer be that convenient, so I'll likely drop my membership in June.

Hope everyone chasing fitness and nutrition goals is doing well!


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Down to 235-236 area and doing good. Haven’t worked out at all. I’m very active at work which seems to help. My goal is to get to 215-220. It’s a struggle being fat


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My weight is up from all those good winter viddles, beer, bacon make'n, and a desk job however I've been doing a pretty good job of walking during my lunch hour historically even on bad weather days.

I leave the house in the AM @ 6.
I sit on my butt at a desk for the day.
At 11:50 I eat my typical sandwich which takes 5 minutes.
At noon I venture out to find the local sidewalk. I've been walking 3-3.2 miles per lunch hour.
I typically get home in the PM @ 5.

Now I have baseball practices and games to keep me occupied in the evenings.

That's the best I can do says, "Man with the metabolism of a turtle."
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