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We hit the big time!


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The one chick ain't all the bad looking for being a gangsta!!! rotflmao


A three-year drug trafficking investigation culminated Saturday with the execution of several search warrants in Morgan and Washington Counties and the arrests of six people.

Washington County sheriff's Detective Lt. Brian Schuck, a member of the multi-county Major Crimes Task Force, is calling the bust one of the largest in the history of the region.

Seized was over 180 pounds of marijuana, over $750,000 in cash, a residence, 10 vehicles, two jet skis, a camper, a motorcycle and nearly 90 firearms. The total assets from the seizure are expected to exceed $1 million.

"This was a very long-term, intensive investigation that required a lot of manpower from multiple agencies," Schuck said. "I think this is probably the largest cash seizure we've ever worked."

The search warrants were executed at the residence of Hank H. Holloway, 56, of 5265 Strode Lane, Chesterhill; the residence of Michael and Peggy Adkins, 5399 Strode Lane, Chesterhill; the residence of Erik Holloway and Nicole Pauley, of 260 E. Main St., McConnelsville; and multiple storage units in Morgan and Washington counties.

"Most of the currency and drugs were found at a location in Washington County," Schuck said. "but we did also locate several pounds (of marijuana) and $50,000 at the residence of Hank Holloway, who we believe was the head of this ring."

According to Sheriff Larry Mincks, formal charges of first-degree felony engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity are expected to be filed today in Morgan County against Hank Holloway; Kelly Adkins; Marsha Holloway; Nicole Pauley; Michael Adkins and a 17-year-old juvenile.

"This was a big bust in terms of volume, dollars and general importance," Mincks said. "Hank Holloway was the head of this organization and we have pretty good reason to believe he was bringing in 300 to 500 pounds of marijuana into this area every six to eight weeks.

"There were 20 people in the house at the time we executed the search warrant and not one of them was working. And we found it was not uncommon for (Hank) Holloway to go to Sam's Club and to spend $16,000 or $17,000. He was buying everything to support everyone."

Mincks said the drugs were being shipped in to the Holloway home, where they were broken down and distributed to other areas, mainly Kentucky and the Cleveland area.

According to Mincks, this is the third time in 10 years search warrants have been executed at the Hank Holloway residence.

"Each time more than $100,000 has been seized, but the last time they were unable to prove the drug charges, but he was also charged with receiving stolen property and with having weapons under disability. About 10 years ago he was brought up on drug charges, too."

Officers investigating the case declined to elaborate more on the specifics of their investigation, including exactly where the drugs or cash was found in Washington County.

"At this point, the case is still under investigation and we are looking at other aspects of the case and at others who may be involved," Schuck said.

Four of the individuals are being held in the Washington County Jail. The juvenile and Michael Adkins are currently being held in Morgan County.


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He doesn't seem to be to worried by the mugshot picture. More than likely he will be able to get a good lawyer and somehow lessen the charges and be back out dealing before long.

The last thing I would be doing if I was that kind of high roller in the drug cartel is to be support 20 lazy bums with all the money I was making. 16-17K at Sams club every trip. Dang!!!! That right there is a butt load of Twinkies. :smiley_crocodile:rotflmao


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I hunt pretty close TOO Chesterhill(Pennsville area) and Chesterhill has had a bad rep for drugs and poaching that goes way back(70's). I know of a Kelly Adkins, I hope SHE isn't the one mentioned above. I remember back in the early 80's maybe late 70's they fuzz found over 700 plants growing on the canal island right off St.Rt. 60 in Beverly right behind the Valley Inn Tavern.