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What do you do for a living?


Junior Member
I probably make the coils of steel Nathan Luthman stamps. I run the caster at a steel mill in Northwest Ohio. Money is great hours suck. Can't complain too much though we make a lot of money for working 20 minutes an hour. The heat really sucks though, I have to wear long John's every day of the year.
After years working for the Georgia Department of Corrections back in august 2017 i jumped ship and joined on with the Banks county Georgia Sheriffs Office. Six months in i made Sergeant in the jail which was a blessing. Our policy says you have to spend 24 months working in the jail before you can go through the police academy. Because i made Sergeant i get to go through starting july the 6th. 11 weeks of that and im going straight into scuba certification to become a certified rescue diver. When my contract is up we are moving to panama city beach and with a little luck i can get on beach patrol and have my diver certification too boot. I could have taken a faster route to get through the academy but i would not have been able to take the extra training courses i have been able to. I graduated as a basic tactical operator this year which was a tough course that i earned through alot of blood, sweat, and scars. Earned my patch from Gwinnett county rapid response team that i wear on my bag with pride. I love their slogan " EXECUTE WITH EXTREME VIOLENCE". Just a tattooed knowledge hungry 27 year old man trying to make my way in the law enforcement community.