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What's For Dinner?


Staff member
I bought split chicken breasts on sale at Kroger last week. They'll usually do them for $0.99/#, which is a good deal. I boiled them tonight, then pulled them and boiled my stock a little longer. Made my noodles while I boiled the strained stock with the chicken added back and a 1/2 stick of butter. Thickened it with cornstarch, then added the noodles back. Just like the fair!

The girls whipped up enough homeade dough for 3 pizzas while i grilled us some mingo fillets on the charcoal. One cheese pizza, one pepperoni, and one pile of delicious meats and cheese.....the fish pizza. Start with frsshly baked dough smothered in creamy alfredo sauce, crumble up the grilled fish evenly covering the sauce, layer the fish with a healthy serving of mozzarella, bacon, and olives. Broil it long enough for the cheese to get right and you will have a masterpiece of a pie.
It's not for everyone but if you love bread, fish, and melted cheese this is worth a try. Been making it for years and everytime i make it i remember why. All that paired with mine and abi's homeade runny ranch dressing made for a fine supper.