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What's For Dinner?


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We're singing @Redhunter1012's praise tonight after he gifted us some warreye cheeks. Even Tracie ate some and she hates fish/seafood. Dinner was a big hit tonight. Thanks again, Ryan!



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I forgot to post this last week, but I finally got around to smoking the chunk of venison hind quarter I saved off last year's doe. I injected with Worcestershire sauce a few hours before I smoked it, and rubbed it in Kinder's Buttery Steakhouse rub. I wasn't sure how long to leave it in so I planned to keep tabs on the temp and pull it when it hit 165 degrees.

I was keeping tabs on the kid, lost track of time, and went to check the temp about 1:20 after starting it with hickory wood chips. Aaaaand, it was already at 174. It cooked a lot faster than I expected.

It tasted fine, I'd do it again. It did get more done than I wanted. It still had a little bit of pink center but I wish I had pulled it sooner. I don't think it was as smoky as I'd like because it cooked fast. I ran it at about 210 degrees, and next time I'd not go that hot. I'd like it to stay in longer and get more flavor. You can see the pinkish center here (meat was cold in this pic, leftover day).



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I smoked a pork butt yesterday. Halved it when it was done with the rest period, shredded some for sammiches.

Against every instinct in my body, for my wife on mothers day, I smoked a large tray of mac and cheese. I followed a recipe a buddy uses. I was told it was good. I had chips. :LOL:

You’re not a fan of Mac and cheese?
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You’re not a fan of Mac and cheese?

I don't do much cheese. Not a fan. I can handle mozzarella, parmesan, some cream cheese in moderation...but cheddar and any more flavorful cheeses I don't do. I was gasping for fresh air while I was making this stuff. And after I was done, and I was scrubbing the inside of the pot in the sink, I washed my hands 3 times to be sure the smell was completely gone. :LOL:
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