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What's For Dinner?


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SW Ohio
Wings tonight while watching the Bengals…



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North Carolina
No I have not, down here its basically just broth, meat, milk, and ground up crackers. Normally chicken but we eat turtle and it's amazing in mull. I wish we had chowder down here but it's about unheard of.
Wife makes the corn chowder, we had it earlier this week. Actually had it the day I got home from deer hunting in Ohio. Yesterday it was a big ole pot of vegetable soup….
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Ragin Cajun.
Chicken mull is big in Georgia and South Carolina. Basically a white stew made with Chicken, cream, and saltiness crackers. I wasn't sure if it was a thing that far west. A lot of bbq joints over this was sell it. We mostly make it with turtle though.
Oh never heard of it nor tried it. Sounds good.