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What's For Dinner?

I gave the "Armadillo eggs" a try today. Popped up on YouTube and looked good so I gave them a whirl. Jalepeno stuffed with seasoned cream cheese and shredded cheese, rolled up in breakfast sausage, wrapped in bacon, dusted with bbq rub, and smoked at 250 for 2 hours on apple wood. I lathered them up in bbq sauce and cranked to about 400 the last few minutes. Really crisped that bacon up real nice! I will most definitely be making these again.


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Wanted to share this with you all even though I have no photographs to share with the story.

Last night, the wife shared with me that her mother called to tell her to share with me in what they had for dinner, which was some the venison steaks that I gave them from one this year's deer harvests. She told the wife that they cooked the steaks last night with whatever seasons on them that they like within their air fryer. Apparently it turned out so good for them that they had to call right afterwards to thank me.

I never cooked venison within an air fryer before, but I'm going to give it a shot today because we have one. I never thought to give that a try.

Since I've been hunting deer, I always share what venison I have with family and friends. Much like fish that I prepare and cook for people that say they don't like eating fish or in this case, venison. They always seem to change their attitude/mind/impression shortly afterwards of having what I prepared for them.

My wife's parents were never big fish or venison eaters, but once again, that has now changed for them since I came into their lives. They absolutely love my cooked fish and now, whatever venison I care to share with them.

Last night, they told the wife they'll be wanting more venison from me, which made me chuckle when she shared the news.

Nothing pleases me more when I get these kinds of responses from those that I love and care about.
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This is a few days old, I tried something a little different (for me) with bacon wrapped venison loin. I butterflied the steak and marinated all day in Worcestershire sauce. I wrapped the steaks in bacon and seasoned with salt/pepper, but instead of going right to the grill I stuck them in the air fryer for 10 minutes to cook/crisp the bacon.

Once the bacon was cooked well, I put the steaks on the grill for about 5 more minutes.

It was awesome.