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What's For Dinner?


Bass Whisperer
Supporting Member
North Carolina
For the prime ribs guys what’s your pull off temp?

I pull mine at 110. Let sit. I like mine rare … Got to 130 then it got sliced did 10 lbs. Seems to me if ya don’t do 5 bones atleast it don’t taste right.
Put on at 225 pull 125 and rest for 20 minutes. Put back on at 450 and pull at 135. Rest for 20 minutes. Slice and enjoy.
Mother in law requested thick chops for Christmas day. I cut her 25 thickuns and on the grill they went. My wife made deviled eggs, macaroni, her best turnip greens and good old crackling cornbread. Heck of a feast. Merry Christmas TOOville!