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What's For Dinner?


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Nw oh
worked ot so fugg it. Wife got prime rib and kentucky mule i got a crawfish po boy&, gumbo bisque and stouts.


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I understand to a point…if you have a kick ass recipe, you don’t want any relatives showing up to a family gathering before you get there with “your special dish”. But…it would be nice to pass it onto someone, maybe leave a note in your will telling the person you want to have it where the recipe book is. I have a friend who makes awesome meatballs and also brines HOT peppers in a sauce that is just as good as the peppers. He sold it in his Italian market before he sold it. I used to put the peppers on hamburgers and put the leftover sauce in my spaghetti. He will not give anyone his recipe. He says only one other person knows…he’s a Mexican who works for him and doesn’t speak a word of English….he says we will never find out!😂😂

Find those old church cookbooks, the ones where all the women submitted recipes and the church printed it. Here's the kicker though, grandma be lying, she left some stuff out. If you're a pretty decent cook that can taste stuff in your mind that you haven't made yet, you can usually figure them out though.

I "foot" snared some coyotes on a sheep farm dairy the other day. The ranch that borders the sheep dairy is owned by a large Hispanic family. I have become friendly with them over the years and they are always happy when I drop of coyotes. They are the hardest working people I know, I jokingly call them Amish Mexicians because they hand hoe and seed their 40 acer vegetable garden.
Anyway, I was telling the oldest of the three brothers that own the ranch about my beer braised squirrel recipe. he suggested I make it with chorizo. I told him i love chorizo. They own a chain of Hispanic markets/butchershops in the area so they hooked me up with a few pounds and a six pack of columbian club dorada beer. Its in the dutch oven cooking with some canned gray squirrels i shot on base in the training area.


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Was on the road this evening headed to the camp. Stopped where I get my deer boudin made and picked up two links of smoked pork boudin and half a pound of cracklins. Sorry no pic as I ate while I drove.


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I made us breakfast supper tonight. HEE HAW sound bite (pun):😎HEY GRANDPA!!! WHATS FER SUPPER? We’re having’ French toast sticks, 2 eggs over easy, bacon and sausage links and 1/2 a biscuit with raspberry jam and a cold glass of milk!!!

YUM YUM!!!!! Lol
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You trying to tell us something with that grandpa comment?!
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