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What's good TOO?


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NW Ohio
Time off? It's midnight and I'm heading to work. Got my foreman doing the morning checks. No snow, but we are babysitting temperatures in empty retail units in a plaza we maintain. Too good? Yup. I mean it sucks being out in the cold, but what else would we be able to invoice right now? Lol
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Mt. Cory Hancock County
Went to C-bus earlier this morning to the Fishing Expo. Talked to Russ Bailey for awhile. What a great guy. He was a cop in Celina, on top of being a dang good Crappie fisherman. Due to some lung issues and nearly dying, he retired. Now he has his own show, Brushpile TV on the Pursuit Channel. My Pastor is old friends with him and bought me some tickets to the show. Didn't spend too much money there. Did pick up a set of Frog Togs for $20.


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Got rear end back of my truck earlier today. There were two Mexicans girl in the vehicle that hit me. Brother in law was with me in the truck. She hit my truck so hard it litterly push us out a bit...seat belts held us in. Garage door opener that was on the sun visor pop out and hit me in the right eye. BIL hurt his right knee. So, called the cop and waited on them. The cops showed up. The Mexicans couldn't understand English. So, cop came to me and said that the driver had no driver's license, no insurance. They impounded her vehicle , she gets two tickets, and she is illegal. "Build the fuggin wall" I got out to look at my bumper and didn't really see any damage, luckily I had the hitch on there. So i got saved by the hitch. BIL and I are okay. I'm going to see eye doctor tomorrow and have them look at my right