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What's good TOO?


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Southwest Ohio


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Norton, OH
I’ve split a shit ton like that in my day with a ratchet strap around em. Now I need the most time efficient way possible. If I have an hour to split I’m gonna get my hours worth in with hydraulics. I will still split straight grain oak with my fiskars as it’s a pretty quick way to bust big rounds.
I have access to a 37.5 ton hydraulic splitter, but find that due to the cycle time I can split faster, especially with the tire. It's a law of averages obviously. Knotted wood requires more swings, but straight grain wood I go through like butter.


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Huron County, OH
Banks aren't opening until 12pm, trash pickup cancelled, drive thru closed and people petitiong for USPS to not deliver.

Just got call for Ty and Myles, no school next 2 days. What in the fuck is going on around here? I just pissed outside, did think yep, got a little bite to it. I didn't think it was life stops though.
My county and one north of us courts are closed tomorrow. Sounds like alot of places will be closed. I'm off 4 sure possibly Thursday as well. Ill be cutting wood. My kids school closed today and tomorrow probably a delay Thursday at least.
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