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What's good TOO?


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NE Ohio
A few cool items I have of my Dads after his passing last month.
This is his old ginseng digger he has had for as long as I can remember...I remember going with him when I was a kid and him using it.
The other is his old Steven's single shot 12ga with a 36 inch barrel. I remember him using it when I would go rabbit hunting with him when I was little..I killed my first pheasant with it when I was a kid. Also a few more of his old traps I can display,items I will always cherish.View attachment 123494View attachment 123492 View attachment 123485View attachment 123499View attachment 123500
Priceless Brian


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NW Ohio
Easter was beautiful. Couldn't have asked for better weather. Hit church. Got some work done. Nice dinner with the in-laws. Daughter home from college. Daughter's boyfriend also home from his college. Took my daughter for a motorcycle ride on my dad's bike as per her request. Just a short spin and stop at the cemetery to say hello and wipe the dirt off his headstone. This evening, the wife and I took the other bike out for a longer ride. Everyone went home or back to college. Great escape from reality. I normally don't get to ride until late June or later. I'll take it!


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Nw oh
My family went to Easter service last night at nine pm. I sat in bed with fever and chills. I was exetremly upset as they have a fire between the church and cemetery for the opening of the service and candle lit and dim lights for the most of the evening. Pretty cool service. I watched from bed on a tablet. Thankful I got to watch at least. Had a fever the last three nights but feeling good today not sure what the heck I got in to but glad it's going away. Today was amazing weather!! Just a sign of good things to come.

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