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Brock/Mason 2020


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SW Ohio
What a writeup and read!!!! Thanks for taking the time and laying that out Brock! The mentor ship and time you’ve spent with Mason is becoming quite evident as we all watch from afar. Doesn’t matter if the game is in the water or in the wild you guys are going to bring something home and you’re going to have fun doing it! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH AS IT WAS A TEAM EFFORT AND WHAT BETTER WAY TO WRAP UP HIS FINAL YOUTH SEASON!!! WOW, what a day you both had today!!!👏🏻👏🏻


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Nw oh
I think my favorite part of this is he will have to say my dad put me on this buck. I've hunted white tails since I was 13 alone (second season with my kid now though). I got to experience a few seasons bonding time with uncles and a grandfather small game hunting but limited. The time you've spent with him over the years is priceless....hope you two can continue the memories....congrats