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Doggone good dog thread



Happy 2nd birthday to my little buddy/coworker/exercise partner/constant companion Jax. Hard to believe we’ve had him almost 2 years and hard to remember a time without him 🙂




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I’ve had 3 white German shepherds in my life, a 4th was at my parents
house after I went off too basic. It was the only male that we had, and he was a very protective over aggressive pain in the ass 😂
The first was Snowball, then came Nikki and currently Bristol. Don’t know if because I’m older and a calmer version of myself, but Bristol is by far the cream of the crop so far. She’ll be 4 this may, and she’s my sidekick and with me or around me guarding me from squirrels…. 😂


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North Carolina
@"J" do you think some of it has to do with your schedule? You spend more time with her? More available since retirement?
Thats definitely part of the equation! Much more time, I’m a lot more calmer then I was in my 20’s and 30’s…. In my 30’s I focused on beagles and rabbit hunting and house pets lost some of my interest, plus deploying a lot more then normal.


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It’s said that the price of a good gun dog is a broken heart at the end. When it comes to Timber, it’s at least four times that amount, probably more. This is absolutely the most difficult part of being a dog owner. Having to make the hard decisions, to schedule a date and time to say good-bye is completely unfair. Yet, it’s also a gift that you’ve given to us because we were able to make these last few days the best they could possibly be.

We couldn’t go hunting, or hiking, or even swimming. Not because you didn’t want to. The want is still there, your drive is still thriving, your spirit is so strong. In the end, it is the physical body that can no longer endure. So we treated you the best way we could. We ate eggs for breakfast, waffles, burgers, chukar, and venison backstraps for dinner. We dressed up your kibble with dog beer, sardines, and all kinds of kitchen scraps. We even took a ride to go get ice cream. We tried to treat you like a king these last precious days.

From the day you joined our family on March 18, 2008, through our last day together April 4, 2022, you gave us your all. You loved us unconditionally. No matter how much pain you may have been feeling, you still greeted us with a smile, a wagging tail, and a genuine excitement just for us being there. So although we mourn today, we know you’re better. You’re able to run, jump, play, and swim just like we can envision when we think back on all the amazing memories we’ve made. I hope we’ve lived up to your expectations Timber, God knows you’ve exceeded ours. We love you Timmy.


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Ragin Cajun.
Awesome way to look at it. I love this thread but at times I’m hesitant to open it up and read for fearing of these post and days we all go through at some time in our lives. I shed a tear every time someone loses a family member. Dogs are 100 times better than people. We feel your pain, but you also gave a dog the best life they could have. Shed some tears, but cherish the time w your love one and how they unconditionally love you every day! We all meet again one day!