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Doggone good dog thread

Sgt Fury

Sgt. Spellchecker
Sorry about your dog Chuck. After owning our first dog I couldn't see myself ever not having one again but it was so tough on wife when we had to put her down that I would never put her through that again. View attachment 175669
I can completely understand that. My wife keeps saying to remind her of Koda and Rusty both if she ever looks at new dogs again. All I can say is we gave them the best home possible and they blessed us as much as we could for them.


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NW Ohio
Yes blessed for sure. It's still tough. I edited my post three times and I'm still seeing mistakes in it. That pic was after a shit day at work and I was taking my boots off and she came and put her head on my shoulder. Amazing how they know when your down.
Truth right there. Had a rough day. While talking to our daughter on a video call, Otis was being goofy. He wanted to play. That chucklehead knew I needed a laugh.


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The boundless joy of having dogs around will never overpower the grief that their ends always bring. Circumstance may prevent me from having a dog someday, but no person will ever be able to do that.
My wife has been hounding me about a shelty (however it's spelled?) lately. I have been saying no but I know she will get one if she really wants it. The only reason she is asking is because she wants me to say no. Only reason I'm saying no is because I said the next dog will be a Decker/giant rat. It's a vicious circle right now🤣. I'm thinking we will ride back from vacation this summer with a puppy of some sort.