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Doggone good dog thread


Ragin Cajun.
Well made a hunt this morning. Right before shooting time a greenhead lite outside the decoys. I’m thinking we gonna have a good hunt. Shooting time comes and ain’t a fing bird flying. Think we seen a total of 12 ducks. Pearl did what she was trained to do, sit there in the cold water and whine every now and then cause her dad is Pooh... can’t put her on any birds lol.

Well it seems I can’t post pics on this thread but can on the nothing about nothing thread. So no pics here.


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Sorry that you've been having issues posting pics using tapatalk. The error that you see is not a forum error or a problem on our side. The problem is either with Tapatalk or your Tapatalk app. Try uninstaloing it and installing it again.
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I dumped tapatalk for just that reason. When I asked them what was up they wanted my freaking password to go in and look to see what was going on.... Yeah right, never looked back