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Doggone good dog thread


Ragin Cajun.
My Pearl chillin at the camp. Hasn’t been much action for her as she has had no deer to track and duck season is closed for the split. Still she loves it here and is the queen of the camp. She has rolled in something dead and the bitch needs a bath. Oh well it’s what dogs do, love them regardless. She’s been keeping an eye out when I’m gone and my sidekick when I’m here.


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Columbiana County
Well Bristol made it through the Spay with no complications, she’s been pretty much out of it since bringing her home yesterday evening. Carried her out to try and pee a few times and this has been her spot the majority of the time. This morning she’s been a little bit better with actually getting up and moving around some.
For some reason when I look at her, the line “the lights are on but you’re not home” come too mind. 😂


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Jamestown, OH
Gracie and Hercules.
Hercules is a golden doodle and 8 years old. Gracie is the silver lab and is 9 months old. We have only had Gracie for a couple weeks now. She has settled in well. They are getting along well but are stilling figuring out who the Alpha will be. Herc gets a little annoyed at times with Gracie wanting to play more than he wants. Still working on some manners with Gracie but she seems to have figured out that we mean business. She is eager to please and appears that she will be a good one given some time and training.



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Not looking good for Hank right now. He is a 10yr old GSP. Came home tonight to find excessive drooling and lethargy. Stomach was distended. Labored breathing. Vomited a couple times with clear fluids. Won't eat or drink. My initial thoughts were turned/twisted stomach. Talked to vet. He agreed. Upon palpating it doesn't seem to be twisted. Vomiting has ceased. He has peed a couple times (uncontrolled) and it lasted a LONG time. Thinking 1-2min each urination. Labored breathing has stopped. Still lethargic, not eating/drinking. Has (and has had) a good number of tumors for awhile. I always have the vet check them on visits. None have been a concern. I'm starting to think it may not be a turned stomach. I'm starting to wonder if there is a tumor internally we aren't seeing or some kidney function issues. Either way, it isn't looking good. AS long as he seems comfortable, I'm going to monitor throughout the night. I'm not one to spend thousands on an old dog. I'm also not one to leave a dog suffer. If we can extend his life and keep him comfortable we will. If not. . . going to be a rough patch coming our way. Hopefully something simple like UTI or kidney stone or ???
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