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Doggone good dog thread


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Tough day in our house. We lost Remi on the way to the emergency vet clinic this morning. Friday evening he had an "episode" where he was wheezing, foaming at the mouth, tongue was purple and gasping for air. No obstruction in his air way and eventually, he recovered. I thought it could have been exhaustion from chasing Lulu all day (she is in heat), maybe a heart attack or an allergic reaction. I kept them separated yesterday and all was fine. I went outside this morning and he was doing this same, but this time I knew it was worse. He collapsed while walking twice, the last with me helping him and he stopped breathing momentarily. Even though he's blind and has milky eyes, his eyes were absent of color and I knew he wasn't going to pull through. I told Tracie to come tell him goodbye and we sat with him for a few minutes to see if he'd recover. When it was clear he was getting worse, we loaded up and tried to get to the emergency vet clinic, but he passed on the way. I'm pretty well devastated and have finally managed to stop the water works after 2 hours. Tracie is pretty tore up too. K is so used to seeing animals die, it hasn't hit her that this time it's different.

He was the first dog I ever had on my own. 10.5 years we were buddies and there will be no replacement in that regard. I was looking through pics earlier and found this one from his last hunt. He was pretty much blind by this point, but followed me to the other side of the hole and sniffed this bird out, then slowly walked it back to the blind. It would be his last retrieve. I balled the second I saw it...

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Missing my buddy today. 😥
Missing my buddy today. 😥
Today I was driving my work truck down the road and started thinking about our last dog who’ll be gone three years come this June, and had to stop because I was getting teary eyed. You never forget a good companion. We got lucky and ended up with two more great dogs that are part of our family.
Finally got to Ohio to pick up our new pup Bella from @Cmlynch19, so far so good. You can tell the family spent a lot of time with her, she loves people and loves attention. She did great on the trip back to the farm and then the trip back to NC.

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That’s great Clay! I am glad she is adjusting easily. I love all the pictures but the one of Bella and your son on the couch is priceless.

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