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Doggone good dog thread


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Other than that how is he doing?
My pup?

He is settled in and doing great. I can tell he is a little delayed in maturity and didn't get much attention when he was with his 1st family, the pound, and then the prison. I have also learned when his nose takes over his ears fall off his head and he doesn't want to listen anymore lmao. The wife has him spoiled too lol. He is a hoot I'll say that much. Tire him out and he takes a 30min nap and is right back to full piss and vinegar lmao. Just like a toddler lol. I'll post some updated pics in the other thread for you guys. I will say that I will probably end up with a training collar for a short time more for the tone so I can try and break his attention when his nose takes over and his ears fall off lol.


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An E collar is the way to make corrections when you dog is not close. Just make sure your dog is e collar trained before going all out.

Also the only amount of shock given is when you see your dogs ear twitch. No need to electrocute your dog for a correction. After they learn this you can most likely just use the tone to get attention. When tone isn’t enough,give a nic.
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We have a pet shop in town, has 1 very large basin and 2 smaller ones. Provides the shampoo, towels, has a high volume blow dryer. $6 and this is what we do to bathe ours. No fuss no muss...
We had both dogs out on the pathway that runs along a lake, one of the paths goes down too the water. Our shepherd has been there twice so far, almost got her to go swimming. First time she went halfway up her legs, second time she ran down too fast and skidded half way up her sides deep 😂 she spun around and high tailed it back too my wife 😂
When we left we stopped and bathed them both. Going too try and get them out there 4-5 times
a week for exercising them and us 😂... Mostly you have the place too yourself and can let em run just not too far from us just in case someone shows up outta nowhere....


Dustin’s FORMER fishing coach
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Columbiana County
We’ve been out about 5 days a week walking the bike trail that runs along a lake up here. Bristol will wade into the water too almost her stomach but will bound around in the shallower water with reckless abandonment 😂😂😂
We’ve been logging between 2 and 3 miles but did almost 4 today...
She’s beat and been sleeping off and on all evening 😂 Good workout for her today, which she needed.
Wife got a new camera for our Alaska adventure and she tried it out this afternoon....