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Doggone good dog thread


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Good looking pup. I forgot about maybe being a mixed litter while looking at pics. I’m sure he will be everything you want in a dog. Looks like all lab to me, what other pups look like? Oh and congrats on the new family member.

From the size of head and paws, looking like a hundred pounder in the making.
Of the 10 pups, there were 2 yellows, 4 chocolates and 4 blacks. The yellows and chocolates look 100% lab and are built more like Americans. Gunnar has the least amount of white on him compared to the other blacks, which is the indicator they are mixed. The other big difference is the 3 blacks that have white streaks, have different coats. A little longer and less oily. I told Tracie after thinking about it not that I've seen the pups, I wonder if the dad has Bernese Mountain dog in him, not rottweiler. His legs have the brown markings and with the longer hair he had on his tail, which is a lab's otter tail, it makes me think that's a likely mix based on the coat of the other 3 pups.

We almost agreed to take two as one of the chocolate females was immediately drawn to Tracie and she loved the duck wing. I'm not sure I'll have another female dog and two puppies is too much, but we were definitely tempted!
Congrats on the new puppy Jesse.

I have only had two male dogs in my life vs six females. Pike will probably be my last. If he wasn't such an outstanding herding dog I wouldn't have kept him. I probably enjoy Pike the least out of my three dogs. Then I work him and remember why I love him. Females are easier to train, stick closer to you, are less goofy, mature faster and don't mark on things. I hate marking males.