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LIVE from the stand 2018-19

My son missed a doe tonight with the muzzleloader. Was a fairly easy shot, but he rushed it and he jerked the trigger. Didn't have to as they weren't going anywhere. Oh well. At least it was a clean miss and we don't have to skin anything tonight.
Ahhh that's no good! What state? That's a crazy Early muzzleloader season!


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Took Kai out tonight for his 2nd sit of the yr . At 9 yrs old his standards are anything with antlers . Well , at 530 one with antlers came walking in and startrd eating on the 🌽 pile .
It stayed quartering towards us for about 10 minutes before starting to walk off . I got him positioned and stopped the deer . Softly whispered a reminder to aim good and squeeze and a second later the crossbow went off .
The deer mule kicked then ran a short distance before crashing in sight .

Bloody mess .